Our Church History


The future of Bethesda church is promising and has great potential. Not only is there room for membership, we’re also teaching our children the benefit and blessing of salvation.  Our teachers and mentors are investing in our children, to make future disciples of the Lord.

The congregation is being taught the importance of giving back to the Lord and giving back to the community. Our members are learning how to experience the power of God, through prayer, worship, bible study and faith.  The teachings are empowering the believer, to grow, envision, encourage others and love, as God loves.All who attend or visit Bethesda are welcomed to partake in the services. Whether we laugh, cry, dance or shout, it’s all done to the glory of God.

Throughout the years and many obstacles, Bethesda has managed to survive, overcome, and triumph in the face of adversity.  

All of these blessings are possible because Bethesda dared to believe that God would do exceeding, abundantly, above and beyond our expectations. 

Bethesda is located in an area that was once written off and deemed hopeless, because of drugs, gangs and crime. Now this same area, is a place where men, women, children and families can come and learn to live with a renewed hope. Ask the hundreds of people that have come and gone over the years. Many will tell you, that in their darkest hours, God led them to a place, where they could find rest, healing and strength. This is a place to come and learn about The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. This place is Bethesda Church Of God In Christ.